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Responsible Gaming Policy

Responsible Gaming Policy

Family, Friends, Relatives and Well – Wishers are some of the most important people in someone’s life because they will always be there for you. To make this bond stronger and to promote healthy relationship we have exclusively launched Tap Cash Rummy for near and dear ones to stick together. Tap Cash Rummy allows only closed group of friends, family members, relatives, colleagues, well – wishers and known people to play rummy at Tap Cash Rummy.
We at Tap Cash Rummy, value our rummy game players, and hence encourage them to play responsibly. Tap Cash Rummy takes great pride in offering a responsible and enjoyable online rummy gaming experience to its players, by taking protective measures which keep our users away from unpleasant situations that may arise while playing rummy. Our dedicated team keeps a close eye on our users’ activities to alert them if we find any signs of compulsive/addictive behaviors.
In our efforts to be a play responsibly online gaming service, we have established certain preventive measures:
1. We don’t allow users below 18 years of age to register & engage on Tap Cash Rummy.
2. We have a super-active monitoring mechanism for rummy games on our website to detect any possible fraudulent behaviors.
3. We have an active anti-collusion environment on our website to maintain fair play.
4. We use supreme encryption techniques to prevent security features and protect our users’ details.
A few tips to our users to enjoy rummy responsibly:
1. Be productive in your daily routine to avoid any chances to getting obsessed with online rummy.
2. Keep in mind that playing rummy is a recreational activity meant for fun and entertainment.
3. Make sure you don’t give unwarranted priority to rummy over your daily activities and duties.
4. Rummy playing is fun, but do keep an eye on your daily playing time to deter chances of addiction.
5. We advise you to analysis your financial situation to set a limit of loss you can take in any particular scenario.
6. Like any other game, play rummy only when you are excited and positive about it; not when you are under pressure or distressed.
7. Be smart and don’t try too hard to make up loses if you are losing many games in a row; rather take your time and refresh before approaching a game again.
8. Ensures geographical location restrictions so that players from those states that do not allow online gaming cannot play rummy.
Steps you can take
Here are some things you can try on your own while you are playing:
1. 18 yrs. - Min age for real money games
2. Add a monthly budget
3. Set time limit for gaming
4. Take regular breaks
5. Stop playing during work
6. Don't chase losses
7. Play with a good frame of mind
We encourage you to play rummy at Tap Cash Rummy in a way that it’s enjoyable and fun; like any other recreational activities. Be smart and keep a check on emotions to enjoy your favorite rummy games.
For any queries please contact us.
Please read our Terms of Service & Privacy Policy before you start playing.