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Card Rummy Introduction

13 Card Rummy is the most popular rummy card game in India. Indian Rummy or 13 Card game type is a draw and discard game, usually played with two decks. It's played between 2 to 6 players with two decks and two Joker cards. The rummy rules are relatively easy to comprehend, making it possible for anyone to enjoy the card game. One of the decks is closed, and the players can't see the card while picking. The other deck is an open deck created with the discarded number cards by players, also known as the discard pile deck. Each player is dealt 13 cards to start the game. The primary objective is to be the first on the table to make valid rummy sets and sequences. Once the combinations are set, a player can declare and win the game.

Each suite includes the following cards in a low to high order: Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, and King. The face cards, including Ace, Jack Queen, and King, carry 10 points each, while the other cards hold points equal to their face value cards. For example, the two cards carry 2 points and the five cards carry 5 point value. The player to have zero points or the least points is the winner of the card game.

What Is The Objective Of Rummy?

If you love playing card games, you can learn how to play rummy (draw and discard game) easily using this rummy guide . The objective of playing cards rummy is to arrange the 13 cards dealt, in valid sets and sequences. As per the rummy sequence rules, each player must form at least two sequences including one pure sequence. The second sequence can either be pure or impure. In terms of rummy sets, you can make 2 sets, at the most, using the same cards from different suits. To make a valid declaration, you need to have a pure sequence. If you make a declaration without a pure sequence, you will lose the game and get penalty points. Therefore, this is one of the most essential rummy rules when learning how to play rummy.

Each game begins with a toss that decides which player will move first. Your strategy will depend on whether you are playing on a 2-players table (1 deck) or a 6-players table (2 decks). Irrespective of your strategy, you should prioritize making a pure sequence first. The 2-players table rummy game is fast-paced and it is relatively easier to make a strategy in this game, as you can count your opponent’s discarded cards. Looking for more on how to play rummy and the rules? Keep on reading.

Important Terms In Cash Rummy Online

While playing cash rummy online the aim is to form sequences and sets or trails.

Table: Table is the virtual or physical table where you play cash rummy online. Each table sits 2 to 6 players as per the rummy rules. In our rummy, a table can seat a maximum of 6 players.

Deck:A deck contains 52 cards and a printed Joker. Each deck includes four sets of 13 cards of 4 different suit rank - Clubs, Hearts, Spades, and Diamonds. These cards have all sets of Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and the other cards from 2 to 10.

Joker Cards and Wild Cards: Each open deck contains a printed Joker Card. A wild card is randomly selected after the cards are distributed to the players. The joker card and wild card can be used as a replacement for the desired card to form sets and impure sequences. If the open joker is a printed joker, the Aces are considered as wild cards. All these cards carry zero points at the end of the game.

Sorting: Sorting cards means arranging the cards at the beginning of the game after the cards are dealt. Each user sorts their cards in a particular manner to help form sets and sequences and to prevent mixing of cards.

Rummy Points: Each card in the rummy game carries certain points. For instance, the face cards like Ace, King, Queen, and Jack contain 10 points each. The other cards have points the same as their number. For example, a 7♦ carries 7 points.

Sequence: A sequence in rummy consists of a group of three or more cards of the same suit in consecutive order. A sequence can be pure or impure.

Pure Sequence: A sequence without a Joker is a pure sequence. However, a wild card joker of the same suit can make a pure sequence.

Impure Sequence: A sequence with a joker card will always be an impure sequence.

Set: A set is a group of three or four of a kind cards of the same rank and of different suits. You can also use a wild card or joker to form a set.

Drop: In real cash rummy, a player can choose to drop out any time but is charged a penalty. The penalty for dropping out at different times in the game is explained in the points calculation section.

Real Cash Rummy Sequence Rules

When learning how to play real cash rummy, the rummy game sequence rules are of utmost importance. A rummy card sequence is made by grouping three or more consecutive cards from the same suit. The two types of sequences formed are a pure sequence and an impure sequence. According to the rummy card sequence rules, every player must make at least one pure sequence for a valid declaration.

Pure Sequence

A pure sequence is formed by the grouping of three or more cards of the same suit in a consecutive order. However, the use of Joker to form a pure sequence is restricted. Here are two examples of a pure sequence:

A♣️ 2♣️ 3♣️ 4♣️ - A pure sequence consisting of four cards of Clubs arranged in consecutive order. None of these cards can be replaced by a Joker.

5♥️ 6♥️ 7♥️ - A pure sequence consisting of three cards of Hearts arranged in consecutive order. None of these cards can be replaced by a Joker.

Impure Sequence

An impure sequence is formed by arranging two or more same suit cards in consecutive order, and one or more Jokers as a replacement. Here are two examples of an impure sequence:

10♥️ J♥️ Q♥️ PJ - In this sequence, a printed Joker is used to replace the King of Hearts, making it an impure sequence.

6♦️ 7♦️ J♠️ 9♦️ - In this sequence, the J♠️ card is the wild Joker in the game and has been used to replace 8♦️, making it an impure sequence.

How To Form Sets?

A set is formed using three or four of a kind cards of different suits but of the same rank. The player can use wild cards and Jokers to replace a card while forming a set. Here are a few examples of a set:

2♥️ 2♠️ 2♣️ 2♦️ - This set is formed using 2s of different suits, and without a Joker.

A♥️ A♣️ A♦️ - In this set, three Aces of different suits are used to make a valid set.

4♦️ 4♣️ 4♠️ PJ - This set is formed using 4s of different suits and a printed Joker to replace 4♥️.

7♠️ 7♣️ K♥️ - This set is formed using 7s of different suits and K♥️ as a wild Joker.

Note: You cannot use two or more cards of the same suit to form a set as it will be considered an invalid declaration. You can also use more than 4 cards along with a Joker to make a valid set of 5 cards.

Here are two examples of an invalid set:

K♥️ K♥️ K♦️ - This is an invalid set as it includes two Ks of the same suit.

7♠️ 7♥️ 7♦️ 7♠️ Q♥️ - This is an invalid set as it includes two 7s of the same suit (Clubs).

The Q♥️ is a wild joker constituting the fifth card, but it doesn’t make the set invalid.

How To Group Cards In Real Cash Rummy?

An essential part of how to play real cash rummy, is the grouping and sorting of cards. While playing online, tap on the sort icon after the cards are dealt. The sort tab will sort all the dealt cards and group them into the same suit cards. To group the cards into sequences and sets, you can tap on each card you want to add to a group and tap on the ‘Group’ icon. You can also drag and drop cards in the required group.

Steps To Play Rummy Game

Can’t wait to play rummy games? The rummy game rules are quite simple to learn and understand. Just learn a few rummy tips and tricks , and you are good to go. These steps will guide you on how to play rummy card game with ease:

Download the TapCashRummy app on your device.

Select Rummy from the list of different games TapCashRummy has.

Select the rummy game you want to play from a wide range of options.

You can choose to play on the table of either 2 ro 6 players.

At the beginning of the game, 13 cards are dealt to each player. A random card is selected as a wild joker of the game.

Sort your cards to form a pure sequence followed by other valid sequences and sets. You can draw cards from the closed deck and discard cards in the discard pile. At no time should a player have more than 13 cards.

According to the rummy rules, once you have made two valid sequences including one pure sequence, and other sets, by grouping 13 cards, you can make a declaration to win the game.

The player who is the first one to make a valid declaration with zero points wins the game.

Rummy Guidelines For Valid Rummy Declaration:

According to rummy rules, the mandatory requirement to declare is two sequences, out of which one must be a Pure Sequence (without the use of Joker). The remaining cards can be either in sets or sequences.

It is essential to re-check the cards before clicking on the ‘Declare’ button. A premature declaration, without the valid/incorrect combinations, will be deemed as an invalid declaration. This will result in the player losing the game. A valid declaration needs two sequences – one pure sequence and one impure sequence. The remaining cards need to be in a combination (set or sequence).

A typical example of an invalid declaration is

2♣️ 3♣️ 4♣️ 5♠️ | 5♦️ 6♦️ PJ | 8♣️ 8♠️ 8♥️ | 7♠️ 7♥️ 7♦️

This is an invalid declaration as the given combination does not have the mandatory pure sequence.

A typical example of a valid declaration is

5♠️ 6♠️ 7♠️ | A♥️ 2♥️ PJ | 8♣️ 8♠️ 8♥️ | 7♠️ 7♥️ 7♦️

At every turn, the player has to draw a card and discard one from his hand mandatorily. The player can draw a card by selecting either the topmost card from the closed deck or the card that was discarded in the previous turn.

How The Points & Winnings Are Calculated As Per Indian Rummy Rules?

Now that you've learnt how to play rummy, you should also now how the points are caluclated. In rummy, each card carries a certain number of points. The losing player gets points corresponding to the total value of all cards in his/her hand. If the losing player fails to make the two mandatory sequences, the value of all cards is added, capped at 80 points. If the player has formed two sequences including a pure sequence, the value of cards not in any combination is calculated.

Card Points in Rummy:

  • CardsValue
  • Ace, King, Queen, Jack10 points each
  • Joker and Wild CardsZero points each
  • Other cardsSame value as the face Value
  • For Example: 5 ♥️, 6 ♥️, 7 ♥️5 points, 6 points, 7 points

Here is the Rummy Points System:

  • Player with no combinations in his handValue of all cards is added, capped at 80 points
  • Player with two sequences, including one pure sequenceValue of cards that are not in any combination are added
  • Invalid Declaration80 points
  • First Drop20 points
  • Middle Drop40 points
  • Player Leaves TableWhen a player leaves the table after picking from a closed deck, it’s considered to be a middle drop. If a player leaves without picking any card, it’s considered as the first drop.

Winning Calculation

Wondering about how to win rummy every time? Understanding the winning calculation will definitely get you closer to winning the games. In rummy, the score of a player is the total value of all the cards in their hand, that is not a part of a valid sequence or a set. The objective of the game is to take your points all the way down to 0 by forming all valid sequences and sets.

For instance: 5♠️ 6♠️ 7♠️ | A♥️ 2♥️ Joker | 8♣️ 8♠️ 8♥️ | 7♠️ 8♥️ 2♦️

As the first three are valid sequences they’ll be counted as 0. However the last is neither a sequence nor a set, hence invalid. The points here would be: 7+8+2 = 17

Remember: A lower score is always the best way to go.